Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Young Professionals Programme -YPP (Fully-Funded)

The Young Professionals Program (“YPP” or “Program”) aims to recruit and develop a cadre of outstanding Young Professionals (“YPs”) in the early stages of their careers to contribute to the realization of AIIB’s mission. The selected YPs’ skill sets, academic experiences, motivation and passion will complement the expertise and experience of the Bank’s seasoned mid-career and senior staff.

Selected YPs will work with the Bank’s staff to develop, enhance and leverage their professional skills and expertise while acquiring hands-on experience. Working with clients in Asia’s public and private sectors, YPs will gain a deep understanding of, and broader perspectives on the Region’s infrastructure development and financing challenges and opportunities. YPs will receive mentoring, training, career guidance and development opportunities to enable them to grow and develop professionally.

YPs will work primarily in AIIB’s investment operations, policy and strategy, and finance/treasury/risk departments. Applicants who wish to pursue careers in other specialized areas (e.g., communications, legal affairs, administration, etc.) should apply through the Bank’s regular recruitment channels.

Who are we looking for?

We seek candidates who:

  • are committed to and passionate about AIIB’s mission.
  • are motivated self-starters and independent thinkers.
  • are collaborative and team players.
  • possess excellent quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to think conceptually.
  • can explain complex ideas – orally and in writing – succinctly and persuasively.
  • demonstrate effective interpersonal and teamwork behaviors.
  • have sound judgement.
  • can operate successfully in a multi-cultural organization.

Successful applicants will have excellent academic records and professional qualifications, demonstrate leadership potential, and possess excellent communications, analytical, organizational and interpersonal skills. The YP Program is open to candidates from all economies.

The following criteria must be met:
  • Age: YPs must be under age 32 (i.e. born on or after August 31, 1988). No exceptions will be made to this age limit.
  • Education: a minimum of an MBA/Master’s degree or equivalent from an internationally recognized institution. Degrees in finance/banking; business administration; economics; energy; transportation; engineering; urban planning; water and sanitation; environmental management; telecommunications, accounting; and public policy, are preferred.
  • Experience: a minimum of 2 years full-time, relevant professional work experience (excluding summer jobs and internships). Work experience in international finance; regional integration initiatives; urban planning; energy, including renewables and energy efficiency; transportation, including roads, railways, ports, and airports; roads; environmental management, telecommunications; water, sanitation and waste management; and other infrastructure-related fields is valued.
  • Communications: The Bank’s working language is English. Successful candidates should be fully fluent in both written and oral English and have excellent communications skills. YPs must be able to produce English language documentation at the standard expected in an international organization. Proficiency in other Asian regional languages is valued.
  • Expertise: Specialization in a field such as investment banking, project and micro/macro-economic analysis, treasury management, strategy and policy development, risk analysis, etc. Candidates with experience in areas which will support AIIB’s institutional priorities, i.e. sustainable infrastructure, cross-country connectivity and private capital mobilization, are encouraged to apply.
  • Qualification: Certificates such as CFA, FRM, or other professional qualifications is not mandatory but will be a plus.

The Program will focus its recruitment efforts on identifying YPs with strong skills that can be immediately put to use, and professionally developed during the Program tenure and beyond.

Candidates should satisfy any national military service obligations, if applicable, before applying or must obtain a deferment of at least 3 years.

What do we offer?

Contract: YPs admitted to the Program will be offered a two-year contract with a competitive salary and benefit package. The first year of the Program is probationary. Upon successful completion of the full two-year Program, based on performance and institutional needs, high-performing YPs may be offered a 3-year renewable staff contract.

Insurance Programs: YPs and their families will be provided options of comprehensive medical, dental, vision and wellness benefits. The Bank also provides basic life and accident insurance to all YPs at no cost, and YPs can elect optional life and accident insurance plans.

Pension Plan: YPs are entitled to retirement benefits under the defined contribution plan. Upon separation from the Bank, a lump sum will become payable to the YPs based on eligibility.

Location Premium: YPs are provided location premium as a supplement to compensate for working and living in Beijing. Currently it is expressed at 23% of base salary.

Features of the YP Program

Rotations: The YP Program will be generally comprised of 2 to 3 rotational assignments over the two years. During those assignments YPs will be exposed to a range of tasks and activities primarily in the investment operations; policy and strategy; and financial/risk/treasury departments.

Streams: To accommodate the growing business needs in AIIB’s core functions and to design a more focused rotational path, YPs will be recruited and assigned to focus on two main streams—investment operations and strategy & policy.

YPs are expected to perform at a professional level and demonstrate mastery of core technical competencies from entry-on-duty. Each YP assignment will be tailored to the YP’s skills set and areas of expertise. YPs will work under the supervision and guidance of managers and senior technical staff.

During the rotational assignments in the Investment Operations, YPs will be exposed to and work on investments in various stages of the project cycle. In the Policy and Strategy field, assignments may focus on sectoral and sub-sectoral analytics, needs assessments, and engagement with AIIB’s partners, and other stakeholders. YPs may also undertake assignments with the Bank’s Financial and Risk complex, supporting its treasury, financial policy and risk functions.

Upon Program graduation, it is anticipated that the majority of the successful YP graduates will take-up regular assignments in Investment Operations, Strategy & Policy, Finance and Risk departments.

Training: During rotational assignments, YPs will receive on-the-job training and gain experience under the supervision and guidance of seasoned experts. It is mandatory for YPs to complete the Training on Operational Topics as well as the Credit and Investment Program (CIP) level 1 during the 12-month rotations. The mandatory level 1 training as well as the training on AIIB operational topics will equip the YPs with the necessary knowledge and skillset to perform well during their rotations. The electives level 2 (8 days) and level 3 (6 days) of the CIP can be completed during their rotations or in a later stage during their career at AIIB. Other internal and external training can also complement the technical training described above.

Mentorship: Each YP will be assigned an individual mentor (a member of the Bank’s senior staff) who will provide mentoring to help the YP adjust to working at the Bank. Mentorship will continue throughout the duration of the Program.

Buddy: Each YP will be assigned a “buddy”, normally a YP from previous cohorts, to ease your move to Beijing and AIIB.

Performance Assessment: Each rotational assignment will have a clearly defined developmental plan with specified performance goals. Overall performance will be assessed through a fair and transparent process. The Bank’s Performance Management Framework equips managers with the tools to support staff in reaching their full potential. YP performance will be evaluated in broad alignment with the performance measurement system that is applied to the Bank’s regular staff.

What is the selection process?

The Selection Process will be managed by the Human Resources Department through competitive processes. 8 to 12 YPs will be admitted to the Program. In order to broaden the overall diversity profile, only one YP will be selected per citizenship.


December 20, 2019 – February 14, 2020Application period
February 28, 2020Application deadline (Extended)
February, 2020Review of applications
March, 2020 – May, 2020– YPP interviews
– Exams and assessments will be conducted
May – June, 2020Decision and offers communicated
August 31, 20202020 cohort starts
Apply to Join the AIIB Young Professionals Program

Step 1: Confirm your eligibility.
Carefully review basic application criteria listed in Eligibility.

Step 2: Submit your application.
Please follow the below link to begin the application process.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.


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