Incentives to Civil Servants to Proceed on LPR

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (Regulation Wing) has issued Notification on 20-05-2020 in connection with Incentives to Civil Servants to Proceed on LPR (Leave Preparatory to Retirement) after completion of 25 Years Service. The details of this Notification and Notification of the year 04-12-1991 are as under:


Incentives to Civil Servants to Proceed on LPR


The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division’s OM No. F.1(8)-R-4/89 dated 04-12-1991 on the above subject (copy attached for ready reference) and to state that the said OM has been amended to the extent that the facility of retention of official accommodation till the date of superannuation on early retirement as mentioned at Part-A sub-para (i) titled. –Retention of Govt. Accommodation stands withdrawn. The above amendment has been made in pursuance of the Cabinet Decision dated 21-04-2020. The other provisions of the said OM dated 04-12-1991 will remain intact.

Notification No. F.1(8)-R4/89 dated 4th December 1991

The undersigned is directed to state that the Govt. has been pleased to approve the following retirement benefits to the superannuating and additional incentive for civil servants of B-21-22 who desire to proceed on retirement on completion of 25 years of service w.e.f. 19.2.1991:-


  • Retention of Govt. Accommodation


A retiring Govt. Servants will be entitled to retain the Govt. accommodation allotted to him after his retirement upto the date of his superannuation plus 6 months. In case the retired Govt. servant dies during this period, this facility shall be extended to the family of the deceased for the corresponding period;



A retiring Govt. Officers shall be permitted to undertake a private job (except a job under foreign Govt.) or to carry on private business in partnership with other parties during LPR and thereafter. Such permission will be given by the Govt. Liberally; and



A retiring Govt. officer in BPS-20, 21, and 22 will be allowed a special additional pension equal to the admissible pre-retirement orderly allowance.


B) Additional incentives for Grade-21-22 officer to retire on completion of 25 years of service.


The incentives at (A) above will be available to all such officers. In addition, the following additional incentives will be available to all civil officers in BPS-21 and 22 who opt to retire on completion of 25 of years or more service:-

ii) On retirement after LPR, they will be entitled to a pension calculated on their service as on the date of proceeding on LPR, plus LPR availed plus a grace period of two years; provided the above period does not exceed the prescribed age of superannuation.

iii) For the purpose of commutation, the factor relevant to actual age on the conclusion if LPR will be as under existing orders/rule.

All the Ministries/Divisions are requested to bring the above incentive to the notice of all Govt. servants working under their administrative control for their information.


Incentives to Civil Servants to Proceed on LPR


Retention of Govt Accommodation on Retirement



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