Promotion Policy All Pakistan Education Boards 2020 Exams

Federal Education Minister, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood in a news conference on 14th May 2020 explained the Promotion Policy All Pakistan Education Boards 2020 Exams.  Some points of the same policy are as under:


Promotion Policy All Pakistan Education Boards 2020 Exams


The Promotion Policy for various categories of students appearing in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Class Exams is as under:


Students Already Cleared 9th & 1st Year Exam


The students who have already passed 9th and 1st Years Exams 2019 and they now wanted to appear in Annual Exam 2020 in 10th and 2nd-year exams 2020 are hereby passed. They will get 3% extra marks as they obtained in the 9th and 10th class exams. These 3% marked they will not add in each subject rather they will add in their total marks. The marks the students got in the 9th and 10th class will be now the same for their 10th and 12th class but just boards will add 3% more marks in total.


Students Failed in 40% subjects 9th & 1st Year


Those students who failed 40% in their 9th and 1st-year exams will get passing marks in their 10th and 12th-grade board exams.


Students Appearing in 9th and 10th Class Exams


The students who were appearing in the 9th and 11th class and could not due to cancellation of all board exams, the boards will promote these students and they will appear only in 10th class exams and 12th class exams. The marks they will get in these exams will they consider too for their 9th and 11th class.


Special Exam 2020


The Minister for Education announced special exams that the boards can give in September to November. For these exams, the students would have to inform up to 1st July whether they want to appear in these special exams or not. There are Four categories for the Special Exams.


Composite 12th Class


Those students who are appearing in 2nd-year exams and taking composite exams for class 9th – 10th or 11th – 12th can take part in special exams.


In Few Subjects giving exams


The students who were appearing in a few subjects in the recent exams and they had already passed other papers.  These students can also take special exams in 2020.


More than fail in 40%


The students who failed in the 9th and 11th classes of more than 40% in their previous exam 2019 will have to appear in the special exams.


Grade Improvement


Those students who want to improve their grades can take also special exams.



Promotion Policy All Pakistan Education Boards 2020 Exams

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