Restoration of Train between Lahore Faisalabad & Cease One Train

Pakistan Railways, Headquarters Office has issued a Notification on 01-03-2021 in connection with the Restoration of Train between Lahore Faisalabad (Badar & Ghouri Express).


Restoration of Train between Lahore Faisalabad (Badar & Ghouri Express)


It has been decided to restore 111-Up/112-Dn (Badar Express) & 113-Up/114-Dn (Ghouri Express)between Lahore – Faisalabad – Lahore with effect from 5th March 2021. However, 111-Up/112-Dn (Badar Express) presently running between Lahore – Faisalabad – Multan will cease to operate with effect from 05-03-2021. Timings of both the trains are attached as Annexure.

Composition:- ZFTH-8,ZRLR-1,ZFLRGH-1 Total: 10=20

All concerned to please note and arrange accordingly.

Badar Express


  • From Lahore Departure: 09:30 am
  • Arrival at Faisalabad: 11:40 am
  • From Faisalabad Departure: 06:00 am
  • Arrival at Lahore: 08:10 am


Gouri Express


  • From Lahore Departure: 06:45 pm
  • Arrival at Faisalabad: 08:55 pm
  • From Faisalabad Departure: 03:15 pm
  • Arrival at Lahore: 05:16 pm


List of Trains Stops


The list of the trains’ stops for these up and down trains is as under:


  • Badami Bagh
  • Shahdara Bagh
  • Missan Kalar
  • Qila Sattar Shah
  • Chichoki Mallian
  • Qila Sheikhupura
  • Farooqabad
  • Bahalike
  • Safdarabad
  • Moman
  • Sangla Hill
  • Dar-ul-Ihsan
  • Sahinnwala
  • Chak Jhumra NOC
  • Chak Jhumra
  • Faisalabad Dry Port
  • Nishatabad
  • Faisalabad



Cancellation of Train

Restoration of Train between Lahore Faisalabad



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