Revision Utility Allowance to District Judiciary Punjab

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification on 30-07-2020 in connection with Revision Utility Allowance to District Judiciary Punjab. The details are as under:


Revision Utility Allowance to District Judiciary Punjab



In continuation of this department’s letter No.FD.SR-1/9/99 dated 13.08.2008, No. FD.SR-1/9-1/99(P), dated 01.09.2009 and, No. FD.SR-1/9-1/99(P), dated 03.10.2009, the competent authority i.e. Chief Minister, Punja b under Article 240(b) of the constitution has been pleased to revise the rates of Utility Allowance in favour of officers/officials of the district Judiciary in the Punjab w.e.f. 01.07.2020 as under:


Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan & Mr. Junaid Sattar Butt for sending the copy of the Notification of Utility Allowance to Officials and Officers of Judiciary.


Table of previous and new rates of Utility Allowance


Sr. No.Designation /BPSThe current rate of Utility Allowance (Rs.)Revised rate of Utility Allowance (Rs.)
1.BS-01 to BS-063,0006,000
2.BS-07 to BS-084,0006,000
3.BS-09 to BS-144,0008,000
9.BS-20 & above8,00030,000


Notification of Revision Utility Allowance to District Judiciary Punjab


The Finance Department has sent a copy of this Notification to Registrar Lahore High Court. They have also sent a copy to all the District & Seccion Judges in Punjab province.


For the information of the employees and pensioners, Sindh Government has recently issued Notification Payment of Salary, Pension, GP Fund etc. The same benefits the Government postponed till this financial year.

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