Upgradation of Posts in Excise, Taxation & NCD Sindh

Government of Sindh, Directorate General (Excise & Taxation) has issued Notification on 02-07-2020 in connection with Upgradation of Posts in Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department Government of Sindh, The details are as under:

Upgradation of Posts in Excise, Taxation & NCD Sindh

I am directed to refer to the noted subject and to state that the Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department Sindh is one of the Prime tax collection agency of the Government of Sindh.  The functions of the department are suppression and detection of narcotics crime, collection of Excise duty, control of liquor shops and private bonded warehouses, as well as a collection of seven (7) different kinds of taxes such as Property Tax, professional tax, Collection of Infrastructure Cess, Entertainment Duty, Motor Vehicle Tax.

The initial Stage organizational set up of the department was as under:-


  1. Excise & Taxation officer   (BPS-17)
  2. The Excise & Taxation officer   (BPS-17)
  3. Excise & Taxation officer (BPS-17)
  4. Jamedar  (BPS-17)
  5. Dafedar / Constable (BPS-17)


Subsequently, the post of Excise, & Taxation Sub-Inspector (BPS-08) was re-designed as Excise & Taxation Inspector and up-graded as (BPS-11) and the post of Excise & Taxation Inspector (BPS-14) vide Finance Department’s Notification No:  FD(SR-IV)2-43/76 dated 08.07,1986.

Sr.no. Name of PostExisting Scale Revised Scale
4.Excise & Taxation inspectorBPS-11BPS-14
5.Assistant excise & Taxation OfficerBPS-14BPS-16

Special Thanks:

Mr. Muhammad Bux Saleem Khaskheli

Upgradation of Posts in Excise

Upgradation Taxation Department Sindh

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